Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Sirdar Faroe Cushion (Modified Pattern) - Carrie from Ireland

Hi Everyone,

There's snow on the mountains, the washing is horizontal on the line with thanks from the gale off the sea and I am smiling. Why? Because the Postman has been here and laying on my doormat is the yarn for my new project from I wanted to make a bag with the super Sirdar Faroe yarn - it has such a great colour mix. The pattern is Sirdar Faroe Chunky 7105 .....But.....while sitting and casting on the stitches, I found myself trying to make my lower back comfortable and perhaps the bag will become a cushion. (Himself, thinks I already have enough cushioning).

Sirdar Faroe chunky, an incredibly soft yarn with a cotton and wool mixture.
This multi coloured yarn is self patterning, bringing the plainest of patterns to life.
Sirdar Faroe will knit to any chunky pattern on 6.5mm needles.

Here is the finished cushion, which is simply the best for when I am sitting knitting or crocheting. Fits perfectly into that area that other cushions do not. Mind you I haven't had too much use of it as 'himself' has found it more than useful at the back of his neck for a snooze. The filling was a cushion pad...cost just €2.80 so with the yarn this was so inexpensive and just what I wanted. The yarn is great to knit with and the colour mix is hard to beat...I think this would make a super Autumn sweater - why not comment and share your ideas?


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