Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Fifty Shades of Great - thewoolshopPR

Fifty Shades of Great…….

So you have a cupboard stuffed with yarn and for weeks, months even, you have been telling yourself you will knit when you come up with a colour scheme that can wow even the most colour addicted eye. But where do you start? Ask yourself what’s your favourite colour? No, surely you have done that countless times. The answer is hitting you in the optic nerve every day, look around you, what do you see?  Walk through the garden in any season, have you ever looked closely and thought those stems of bright green compliment that crimson tulip amazingly, or those ochre weather beaten leaves against the ashy tree bark just pop? Now you’re getting it. When did Mother Nature ever get the hues of the ocean or the great manicured gardens wrong? Really you say?
Take a look at this photograph I snapped Christmas day with a belly full of turkey at my Mother’s house, whispers are behind me and giggles ‘he thinks he’s David Attenborough’ Shhh…. You don’t know when an artist is at work I laugh back. The picture is bursting with life and gradients of vivid colour, see where this is going? Don’t you want to wear that in spring when all is coming back to life after a sleepy winter? Take a look at the photograph and the accompanying swatches and see for yourself……….

‘Nature is perfect, and there is nothing more natural than wool’