Wednesday, May 11, 2011

How to Knit a Heart

How to Knit a Heart

(motif of 17sts)

1st row: K8, P1, K8.
2nd row: P8, K1, P8.
3rd row: K7, P3, K7.
4th row: P7, K3, P7.
5th row: K6, P5, K6.
6th row: P6, K5, P6.
7th row: K5, P8, K5.
8th row: P5, K8, P5.
9th row: K4, P9, K4.
10th row: P4, K9, P4.
11th row: K3, P11, K3.
12th row: P3, K11, P3.
13th row: K2, P13, K3.
14th row: P2, K13, P2.
15th row: K1, P7, K1, P7, K1.
16th row: P1, K7, p1, k7, pI.
17th row: P7, K3, P7.
18th row: K7, P3, K7.
19th row: K1, P5, K5, P5, K1.
20th row: P1, K5, P5, K5, P1.
21st row: K2, P3, K7, P3, K2.

These swatches are knitted in Tivoli Woolblend aran weight yarn. View my complete collection at

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