Friday, February 28, 2014

Genetic Disorder

Missy  from Texas, has told us that she has a serious genetic issue. She inherited the yarn stockpiling gene from her mother and passed it on to both her daughters!!!! Missy is very brave to come out and tell the world about her affliction.

There is no known cure indeed sufferers appear to relish their affliction. This is a serious issue and we need to answer the following questions.
Is this gene active in females and males?
How many people are affected?
Is the centre of disease control aware for this?
Is the gene automatically inherited from your parent?
Can the gene spontaneously afflict anybody?
Can sufferers control the impulse to buy yarn?
Are all the afflicted motivated to buy yarn by the same triggers?
Is the impulse to buy yarn triggered by colour, texture or some other attribute. For example “the yarn being in a sale discount bin”?

Where is all the yarn hidden?
Where will it end?

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