Thursday, September 5, 2013

If You Can Knit You Can Use The Internet:

There was a great reaction from readers to the piece in Women's Way magazine on our wool shop Following the article we received a letter from Mary telling us that she did not have internet access and enquiring how she could get wool and patterns from the shop. Mary’s letter raises the broader issue of people being excluded from services and information. Government bodies, banks and retailers are moving to the internet and people like Mary are being left behind.

The local library service have computers and internet access available for free. We have spoken with our local Librarian who told us that they will assist people going on the internet provided the library is not too busy. The best solution is to attend one of the many short coursed on how to use the internet. If you can knit and follow a knitting pattern you will have no difficulty using the internet. You do not need a computer as they are available in your local library. The old adage is true, “you are never too old to learn”. Information on courses can be found at your local library.

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