Saturday, October 16, 2010

Handmade Tea Cosy

Buy a unique tea cosy from our range of Irish handmade crafts. This tea cosy pattern is an old pattern I found in my grandmothers knitting bag along with her rusting knitting needles and odd pieces of yarn. In her day new yarn or wool was costly and unaffordable so wool sweaters or jumpers were never discarded, no matter what the condition. Any knitted garments were undone, stitches ripped out and then re knitted. It was a tedious job and there was a certain amount of skill involved to insure that as much of the ripped yarn could be saved as possible. So I am following in her tradition for some of the way. The yarn used is new but none of my tea cosy’s are the same! This pattern dates back to the 1940,s or so. These tea cosy’s are very practical as they are made with yarn that has a wool content. This means they are washable, hardwearing and long lasting and most importantly they keep the tea in your tea pot hot! I have chosen demure colour contrasts and some mad ones. Hope you like our exclusive tea cosy range.

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